Gen 2 – 1999 Legacy Outback air conditioning not turning on



Hi all,
The next not-working item on my ’99 Outback is the air conditioning. When I press the A/C button on the dashboard, the light on the button does not turn on. Neither does the compressor’s clutch engage. This is a vehicle that has been unused and sitting for at least 18 months.
From my reading, I understand that there are several things that could be happening, including lack of coolant pressure.
I’d love advice on the best course to diagnose this – and am primarily interested if anyone knows if the light on the dash not coming on changes what I check first.
The factory service manual helped me identify which relay in the fuse box I should check. I have not yet tried to jump it – or even check the voltage going to it.
I thought I’d post here before I pull out my multi-meter.

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