Gen 6 – Disabling AEB / PreCollision Braking



I don’t think you can even disable that temporarily; I didn’t see that anywhere. Disable lane departure warning and blind spot monitoring is there, but not the emergency braking feature. Having said that, it’s waaaay better on the OB than any other vehicle I’ve owned. In fact, it hasn’t braked on me yet even with some pretty aggressive moves… but I had the turn-signal on, like to tell the computer I have things under control, and it didn’t brake. That was great. On other vehicles, the **** thing brakes with a lot less aggressive moves, turn signal or not. So I disable it when traveling, which is when it might give me trouble, due to lots of truckers and drivers who refuse to move from the left lane, so have to make right-lane maneuvers, or would be stuck behind a slow truck or driver for hours, not to mention peltering my car with debris. So I’d say, Subaru got that feature mostly right… for once.

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