2009 Subaru Legacy trunk/fuel lever cover removal



I’m wondering what I need to do to remove the plastic cover over the trunk/fuel release levers. I am able to snap open the cover over the lock portion. That reveals two tiny holes at the rear end of the cover over the lever mechanism. But I can’t see down into the holes to know what the next step is. Are there screws that I need to remove? If so, straight, Phillips, Allen, torex? Or is there some sort of catch that needs to be manipulated to release the cover so I can lift it? If there is some sort of catch, how should I release it?

Beneath this, the real problem is that the two levers are stuck together, presumably with rust and/or dirt. I anticipate that if I can get the plastic cover off, then I will able to loosen, clean and lubricate the release lever unit so it will operate again. They currently do operate, but only together, so lifting one lever handle easily releases both trunk lid and fuel door, meaning that I always need to remember to latch both. Not a big deal, but annoying and hopefully easily fixable. At least both cables operate as they should.

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