Rear Tire Camber Out of Spec; Not Adjustable and Not a Big Deal per Dealer?

Well, I couldn’t find an email so I called SoA customer service (which is what the dealer told me to do anyway).

I told the SoA customer service rep the situation and asked if he could confirm the rear camber is unadjustable and further asked whether the out of spec camber condition could be or should be repaired.

Here is what SoA’s customer service rep told me. 1. SoA customer service reps don’t know answers to technical questions about the vehicle. 2. SoA customer service reps have no way to get answers to technical questions about the vehicle. 3. SoA customer service reps have no way to communicate with Subaru engineers, be it via Subaru’s tech line or communicating with Subaru field engineers. 4. The dealers are the real techincal experts and SoA customer service just relies on them. 5. If I want an answer to my questions, I really should just call the dealer, again.

When I asked what functions a SoA customer service rep can perform, he said “handle customer complaints and answer questions about the car’s specifications.” After pausing a bit, I said, “Well, I’d appreciate it then if you would please consider this is a customer complaint related to the car’s specifications, specifically the rear camber and its adjust-ability or lack thereof.” We then went around and around in circles for 5 minutes with him repeating his mantra that he could not, under any circumstances, get an answer to my question.

Ultimately, he agreed to reach out to the dealer’s service manager (same guy who told me it wasn’t adjustable) “for clarification.” I suggested to the SoA customer service rep that while getting confirmation from the dealer’s service manager that the rear tire camber was in no way adjustable, he might want to suggest to the service manager that during a prior alignment of this same vehicle at this same dealership 5 months ago, the dealer in fact somehow managed to adjust the camber of the same rear tire that they now say is in no way adjustable and further suggest to the service manager that the service manager reach out to Subaru’s tech line or the Subaru field engineer to get confirmation.

Now, before @SilverOnyx or anyone else chastises me for abusing the poor SoA customer service rep, let me assure everyone this conversation was all done in the most polite and courteous manner conceivable and that I used only the most dulcet and soothing of tones and sincerest inflections of voice.

The unabused, unharmed, undisturbed SoA customer service rep promised to get back to me by next Thursday, November 4th and, with that, was released by me to get back to doing whatever it is that SoA customer service reps do to fill their days.

To be continued.

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