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Hi all,

just picked up my first Subaru today. Went with the premium 7p on a 3yr lease. Coming from a 20 pilot.
So far I love the drive a lot better. There is noticeably better acceleration and the screen is very immense. Getting use to climate control being all digital.
I’m on Long Island and the pricing so out of whack from 3 years ago. I hope things level out in the next three years so I can afford the limited.
My wife is the primary driver with kids throughout the week. However during winter we go skiing a bunch and have family upstate so I can’t wait to test out the awd and compare it to the pilots (which was lacking). We also camp a lot in the summer and tow a popup so I’ll be looking over things on here to find the best deals on the factory hitch. I have some time before summer though.

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