WRX exhaust on a 2018 3.6R



Just purchased a 2018 Outback Touring 3.6R (pics soon). Stoked! Want to get a better exhaust note.

Read several forum posts about Outback 3.6 owners bolting up WRX mufflers to the existing mid pipe splitter, but I am wondering if an entire OEM WRX catback system from a 2021 WRX will bolt up under this MY18 Outback. Theres one local to me for $100 (se pic).

Considering 1. overall length of the system, 2. mounting hanger points and 3. muffler tip location out the back lower bumper. Anyone done this mod?

I’d like to stick with OEM to avoid drone and do not want to go the pricey NoName or Lachute route. Plus the car was an east coast car so the current exhaust pipes have a lot of surface rust from salted roads. the car has a lift so it is very visible.


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