Windshield Fluid – Light stuck on

Anyone else run into this? Did a quick search and didn’t come up with anything, but still researching

Short version – was low on fluid for a while, various turns would turn on the light, then it would go away, finally filled up the reservoir and now it’s stuck on. Tried the generic stuff (aggressive turns, running fluid for a few seconds),but still stuck on.

Probably just the sensor is bad now in the end, but wanted to check if others had run into similar with a hack to resolve.

Edit: Late edit/update, but the light turned ‘off’ on it’s own about a week after I started this thread without any intervention beyond just using the wipers/fluid. Will continue to update if it comes back. Summarizing below comments, rainx fluid seems to be a common problem with junking up the sensor, hot water (not boiling) flush of tank recommended but I didn’t have to perform

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