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Have 11000 miles so far on it. Heard whirring this morning when i drove out the driveway. heard it for about a third of a mile, only going 20mph. But the car had a hard time getting speed. Pushed the accelerator and instead of the usual engine noise, heard this loud whirring with not much get up. Had to press down on the accelerator much more than usual to get up to 20mph.

It was so noticeable that our 8 year old in the back seat asked what the noise was.

Also when i turned on the car i noticed the rpm was 2,000 at idle, in park.

The whirring went away, i parked for five minutes doing an errand. Got back in and no whirring. Car engine is warmed up by then, so maybe the whirring has to do something with the engine warming up. it was 63 degrees outside. Two hours later took the car out again and no whirring.

What is up with the 2,000 rpm? Anyone else getting it this high in park after turning it on? I think the high idle speed right before putting it in drive and getting the whirring is related.

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