Gen 6 – Under-seat fire extinguisher mount query – power seat clearance

Hi all,

I picked up a Primitive Racing fire extinguisher mount for my 2023 Outback Wilderness in an effort to have my extinguisher mounted in a better position. It comes with lengthened bolts, spacers, etc.

While test-fitting it I noticed it seems like it’ll conflict with the power seat when pulled forward, even with the plastic guard removed. if pulled to far forward it looks like the seat bottom hardware/frame will push into the extinguisher, possibly denting/rupturing it, bending the mount, or possibly damaging the power seat mechanism(?). Before I start pulling the seat bolts and installing, has anyone had a similar issue? Primitive’s website shows it mounted on a Wilderness (with the seat pulled back) and when I put in my vehicle info in the order notes they didn’t reply back about any conflicts.


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