Which skid plate package to buy?

RalliTEK, Primitive or Andersen are great choices. I like the way the LP Aventure stuff looks, but if you do more extreme off-roading like I do, they won’t last. I have seen a number of them bend and crumble following me in places I warned the owners not to. :(

Here’s my friend, Will’s 2011, after the first turn off a shot that my half-ton heavier Climb made like a champ.
See attachment 569720

It started completely straight (although the front panel had already been removed on another trip, thanks to some sanding)
See attachment 569721

By the time we got back to camp, it was a wreck and a mess. We had to remove it because it was starting to get into everything and the bumper cover was already damaged.

On the other hand, the primitive skids on my heavier half-ton Ascent have handled everything MUCH better, even when I park on them like this. I regularly do thick stuff like this, or use it to shave off dirt and small stones.
See attachment 569723

They are still standing, unlike any LP Aventure “slide plate” brush guard I’ve ever seen. See for yourself.
See attachment 569722

I expect the same quality from RalliTEK and Andersen. One of these three would be a good choice, no matter which one you choose.

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