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I have Vision telling me 1) I’m not looking in the right place and 2) I don’t have my hands on the wheel. And it’s wrong. Looking in the wrong place happens if I move my body off center a little to the left. The hands on the steering wheel message happens if my hand is below the middle, 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions.

Before I discovered the “DRIVER MONITOR OFF” setting, I felt like I could adjust the hands on the steering wheel message with very light pressure on the steering wheel. But more testing is needed to confirm it. If I kept my hands higher on the wheel, the light pressure wasn’t required, or it happened because my arm wasn’t supported as well. Or… use the camera and the low hand position is a blind spot?

I would like to enable this feature again but need to reduce false alarms. Suggestions?

Thanks, Bob

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