Only 1 midsize car was rated ‘good’ in the tougher IIHS side crash test

Haven’t they tried just liking it before? Sedans got sedan-height bumpers, SUVs got SUV-height bumpers.

I’m not sure where exactly they came from in height, as the article didn’t mention anything other than it was now SUV / pickup height. They quoted weight numbers, which I quoted.

Also, that’s my understanding of taller windows on everything, so they offer more side impact protection.

The window sills were already higher before, and I think this was due to the 40% offset frontal testing that came in a few years ago – this helps avoid damage caused by intrusion into the driver and passenger footwells . But no doubt, it also helped the side impact testing done under the new standard.

Safety and utility are our #1 and #2 priorities in choosing an Outback.

Hence the name “Battlewagon” member? :)

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