Third-Party Front Wiper Blades that Work for Outback Gen6

I’d like this post and the replies to be a resource so people know what windshield wipers they can buy for their Gen6 Outback (2020-Present). Not speculation. Reply with what you’ve personally tried. I spent an inordinate amount of time searching these forums and was mostly met with confusion or debates about what someone should do instead of what they really can do.

First, some DISCLAIMERS because I’ve read these points made a thousand times.

A. For the front driver and passenger wiper blades, the connection is different on the Gen 6 2020- than earlier models. Anyone who has an older Outback, please don’t confuse folks by replying with recommendations that fit your vehicle.

B. Front wiper blades (and brake pads) are covered under the manufacturer’s three-year/36,000 mile warranty. You can get them replaced free at a dealer if you’re still under warranty. The rear wiper blade apparently is not covered but there are stories on the forums about some dealers who replaced them.

C. Subaru only recommends OEM Subaru wiper blades to ensure the view is clear for EyeSight. From all accounts, the Subaru brand is just fine and the price is reasonable, less than what you’ll usually pay at the auto parts store for comparable third-party wipers. Here are links to buy the original Subaru wipers online if you cannot go to a dealer, the 26-inch part number is SOA591B726 and the 18-inch part number is SOA591B718.

D. If you search most of the popular wiper manufacturers’ websites and plug in your make/model, they will only claim to make wipers for the rear window of the Gen6 Outback. Same goes for most of the auto parts chain stores. They give you nothing for front wipers on a Gen6 Outback. They say their other blades will not fit for the front. It’s not true.

With those disclaimers out of the way, there are many situations where someone does not have time to order online and wait for shipping, nor time to drive to a Subaru dealer during normal business hours to buy replacement wipers. For example, my wiper blade came apart last night, we have severe weather inbound tomorrow, and I cannot go to the dealer in time.


I. Sizes: Wiper blades that are 26 inches for the driver side and 18 for the passenger side.

II. Connection: Wipers with a top lock push connection. I’ve seen them called “Top Lock Large” or “Denso Top Lock” connections.

And finally, from experience, here’s the start of a list of…


1. Bosch Focus OE FS26OE and FS18OE. These are the 26 and 18-inch models with OE in the name. I found them in stock at my local O’Reilly Auto Parts for around $35 a piece. I’ve read others claim the Bosch Icon wipers also work but I cannot vouch. The store didn’t have 18-inch Icon OE in stock.

The Bosch Focus OE wipers come with four types of connectors. I had to take off the one already attached to the blade and swap it with the Large Top Lock connection with the number 6 on it. Here’s a YouTube video with instructions on how to change the connector.

Below are photos of the Bosch Focus FS26OE and FS18OE, the connector with 6 on it, and a couple of pics with the Focus directly beside the original Subaru blades. They are the same size and the connector fits. The wipers have the same coverage as the Subaru OEM brand.

The packaging:

Publication Font Audio equipment Gadget Carmine

The connector with 6 on it.

Textile Sleeve Gesture Grey Gadget

Passenger side wiper blade installed and the old wiper directly on top for comparison.

Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

Driver side wipers side-by-side, original in the front and Bosch Focus.

Hood Automotive tire Vehicle Bumper Automotive design

Please, feel free to reply with what you have personally used, add links if possible, and let’s have a list so people can quickly find what they’re able to use. Thanks!

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