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I took our Outback to the dealership and explained the problem…. they looked over the engine for 2 hours and told me that I needed to have the TCV replaced, but in the mean time, it was ok to drive the car… that’s been at least 2 months ago, and the service manager keeps in touch once a week regarding the status of the parts. In the past, when I wanted “brights” I would push the lever forward and the brights would work (and I know they dim automatically when an approaching set of lights hit the sensor). When this particular unit went out, the forward push of the level would not activate the brights… hence, if I wanted to see down the road, I had to pull the lever back and hold it. The other comment about the switch not working was based on using the Auto setting… but it worked with the Auto setting until it was diagnosed as a TCV failure. I’m listening to my mechanic at the dealership as well as the service manager since they are supposed to be the experts.

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