Sunroof Leak 2022 (6 Months)

No leakage in the 5 months I have had 22 OB OXT.

I have currently owned 7 cars (2 used, 5 new) with factory sun/moon roofs and none have ever leaked. Also, there are no mechanical problems with them like stuck open, not closing, mysterious glass cracking, etc. Maybe I was lucky! Also, I only had the cars used for a year, so who knows if the seals went south after I parted with them. But I had 1 VW Golf for 5 years and a ’08 VW Rabbit for 10 years with no leaks, I had a 17 Impreza Sport 5dr for 5 years also with no top leaks. So I had a good time with some of them.

And here in DC, where all 7 were owned, we can get some heavy all-day rain in fall/winter/spring, and summer T-storms have been wild over the past few years. And common place. So everyone had a strong opportunity to disappoint me.

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