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… telling someone on a car forum, where people discuss maintenance, modding and troubleshooting for their mods, not to do something other than stock, seems rather unconstructive, pointless and harsh.

Hmmm … Please point out where I “told” anyone “not to do something other than stock” to their Outback. I definitely may advise you, and others, that I think something is a “really bad idea” and explain why, but I also usually append, “Your car, your choice.”

Subaru for years has known their market and the way people use the cars. Putting all the tech in there but then negating to put a simple software set to choose tire size is bonkers … you’re telling me our cars have speed linking and lane centering tech but can’t adjust to compensate tire size.

I have no doubt that it’s technically possible, but how much would you be willing to pay for it? How much extra would be willing to pay for Subaru to include that capability in all Outbacks, including mine, even though I don’t want it and would never use it? A significant number, perhaps the majority, of Gen 5 owners are already overwhelmed by the complexity of the configuration options provided in their Outbacks as it is.

Beside the legal considerations, if diddling the speedometer/odometer scaling is that important to you, perhaps a Subaru is not the car for you.

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