Transmission 2024 Subaru Outback limited



This is my 2nd Outback. Previously had 2018 and never had a problem. Took my 2024 Subaru Outback to dealer with less than 500 miles on it, to have door guard and splash guards installed since it didn’t come with those accessories. After picking up car and driving less than a quarter mile the car, the car would not go over 15 mph, the parking brake warning light, the check engine light came on. We were able to turn around and get it back to dealer. They said is was “an electronic component in the transmission that went out on a fluke”. After keeping it a few days dealer now say they cannot duplicate the problem and since they can not get exact duplication of the problem, they can’t order the part. SO my questions has anyone else had this issue of car suddenly having transmission and or sensor problems? We had no noises, problems with this car before taking it to the dealer for service.

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