Silly question: Why doesn’t the Outback XT 2.4T (or even 2.5L) sound like a flat 4?

That’s the only thing that’s great about flat 4s; their syncopated sound is unique, different and sporty. Why in the world doesn’t Subaru embrace it? I can’t imagine the plumbing involved to make their flat 4s sound like a boring inline 4. Or did they also change the firing order, or something? I wouldn’t throttle loud in a CVT vehicle, so I don’t think I’ll touch the Touring XT, but it would be nice to hear the typical flat-4 syncopated engine note even if it was quiet. Oh good. But curious why not embrace that wonderful sound. I just listened to some videos, and no way would I put a louder download with that sound. But I heard a 2006 XT and it sounded like a WRX STi, like awesome. Thanks to the gang.

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