The Goodyear Assurance Weatherreadys were ready and insured on their first outing in the snow.

With 39k on OEM 20″ Falkens, and after moving to a rural home this fall, it was time to replace the tires and look for something with better winter traction. After much reading and comparisons, I decided to try the Weatherready, in much to the 3Peaks rating and other comments.Where we live now won’t plow as quickly as when we were in town, and the Weatherready seemed to be a good compromise between good winter traction and the other three seasons. “I’m on my wife’s Ascent Ltd, and we haven’t had any snow yet, but so far she says she hasn’t noticed any extra noise or ride problems. While traction is my main concern, I hope they last longer than the Falkens, which also had a tendency to catch more nails and screws than any other tire I’ve owned. One interesting thing about the Weatherready (245/50R20) fit is that the tires appear to be slightly wider than the Falkens, providing better wheel protection from board scratches. They are predicting 2-4” of snow this weekend, I’m kind of eager to see how they do.

Update: The snow forecast eventually increased to 8-10″, but alas, we only ended up getting about an inch, and with strong winds, most of it blew away. We’ll have to test winter traction another time. .. :(

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