Severe thunderstorm warning? | Subaru Ascent Forum

Relatively speaking, I find the Subaru navigation system very good. I’m one of those people who still likes to have the map accessible even if I’m not using it for directions. I don’t want to look around my phone when I’m driving, I like the big screen. it’s certainly not high-res or high-tech, but it’s basic and functional.

I don’t mind the storm warnings and all, but it would be nice instead of pressing ‘ok’ to remove it from the center of the screen, if it stuck to a corner of the screen after, say, 10 seconds or 15 seconds until you accept it.

Aside from the audio quality, my only complaint with the infotainment system interface is that I don’t like the fact that half a mile behind me can see what level I’ve set the volume to every time I adjust it. This is a completely useless graphic to have in the car (along with the adaptive cruise control graphic that takes up the upper screen). This was a very bad decision, as it disables every other function while displaying the volume level in 500 point font.

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