Rattling noise from under the passenger seat



For a while now, there is a rattling noise from the passenger seat area which initially sounds like a loose spring or something — faint, but irritating. I can hear it by just knocking the seat itself. Apparently this type of noise has been reported since the first generation. Some of this may come from the seat back, some from the track, and some from the wires. In my case, it is coming from a loose plastic piece (red arrow) around the left track (facing the windshield) under the passenger seat. It rattles and hits the metal track and the supporting piece below. I put a furniture pad between that and the bottom (green arrow) to eliminate the noise. However, does anyone know whether this plastic trim piece should have been tightened more or it is broken? Also will the furniture pad I put in impede anything that the seat does? I assume the plastic trim piece wraps around the metal track, which is the part that actually moves.

I will bring it up next time when I go in for service and see what the dealer will do. To the very least, I want this to be on record so they don’t keep making seats with this problem.

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