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OK, so we are still a bit new this car, 2023 Touring XT.

Sometimes, when we get out of the car, it’s impossible to lock the car, and everything stays lit up and humming along. Let me explain:

1) Park Car
2) Press Engine On/Off button to kill engine
3) Radio keeps playing (normal)
4) Get out of car and press lock button on fob
5) Normally at this point, the mirrors fold in, doors lock, and radio/lights turn off.
HOWEVER, sometimes none of that happens, and you need to get back in the car, start it up, shut it off, and then it all works.

My wife almost killed the battery because of this. If you are in a rush you can hit the door lock button on the fob, NOT notice that nothing happened, and go in your house while your interior lights and radio and whatever are still on and running.

Any thoughts on this?

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