Quesiton About Auto Transmission Drain and Fill



Just so you know you need to top up the fluid after the initial fill (initial fill done while vehicle is off) while the vehicle is running and in park and the transmission is between 30-40 deg Celsius. Other wise you are going to be super low. Do not drive the vehicle if you haven’t done the final top up. What we do at work (Subaru Tech) is drain the fluid, fill till it starts coming out the level hole, tighten fill plug tiny bit so it doesn’t leak, lower vehicle and start, while foot is on the brake put into drive, then neutral, then reverse then back up to park. Each position we hold for roughly 5-10 seconds or until the transmission has engaged the gear fully. Once back into park we are lifting it up and topping up the fluid asap while the vehicle is still running and in park. These transmissions can warm up quite quick or retain temperature for a long time. But factory level is between 30-40C atf temp with the car running and little almost no drizzle from the plug.

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