Propshaft Assembly (4WD) Question (and Hello after reading you for a few years…)

First greetings from Canada :)

Who am I? Crazy guy who converted 150 VW Westfalia (1980-1991 – Vanagon) with mostly 2.5L SOHC (1999-2011), I also run some 5 speed trans in them (converted with parts for Australia).

Sadly I lost my shop due to Covid 19 and now I work in body work.

If you are curious I will try to put a picture in that post.

For my question:
I’ve been reading a thread here but since it’s my first post I can’t post a link.

We have 2 x 2005 Outbacks, my girlfriend was built in 2004 / December. So I’m biased about what I’ve read about the jobber shaft.
Since I no longer have a car lift, it’s harder to pinpoint where the hissing/squealing noise is coming from, but since I’m really well equipped, I still have a microphone listening device and all I know is that it’s coming from the crankshaft. car in the back.

Q: Are there any holding devices? Main support with 3 ball joints? Can it be done? has anyone done it?

If not, any links to a good aftermarket that will fit this car? This car is not driven much but it is old, close to 400,000 km, but everything has been changed (engine, tranny…) so I want to keep it for another 2 years.

Thanks so much for any advice you can give me… Benny

I hope the picture works :)

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