Proper Way To Check Trans Fluid

Hi Guys. When I go out to check my Trans fluid, before starting the engine, the fluid covers well above, like 6″ or more, the hole for FULL HOT. When I start the engine it immediately drops down to barely cover the tip of the stick. If I run it through the gears and check in neutral there is really no noticeable change from just having it running.

So my question is this… It doesn’t matter what it shows prior to starting the car-period, right? Then once started, weather cold or hot, I should chalk my wheels, e-brake on,(should I run it through the gears a couple of times?) set it to neutral and let it set for a minute and THEN check the fluid, right? If the motor is cold it should read near the cold hole and if I been running it then it should read near the hot hole, right?

Easy peasy, I know, but I just get mixed up on how it’s done because all the shops tell me something different about the running through the gears, or checking hit or cold makes a difference. I just want to know once and for if I’m doing in correctly. Thanks- Karen

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