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Question: does anyone know what pressure range the TPMS alert is set for? I know the low-pressure range is mentioned in the user manual, but does high pressure also trigger it?

Drove 500 miles today, 100°F heat.

35psi front, 40psi rear cold (was fully loaded with hitch cargo, so I bumped the rear).

Pressures reached 41-42psi front, 50-51 rear after a few hours at 70mph. TPMS light came on whenever pressure exceeded 41 in the front, or 50 in the rear. I’ve noticed some other threads mention ambient heat (and subsequent road surface heat) as a potential factor.

Curious if there’s a way for me to set my own TPMS thresholds, since my tires are rated to 80psi, I got a little freaked at first when it came on.

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