Passenger rear door won’t open now

Most units are shipped the same way, so, if the design didn’t take into account the vibrations of train shipping, I’d expect there to be a decent number of cases like this.

Fact is, a number of things get jostled during rail shipment, which is why the cars go through an inspection checklist upon arrival at the dealership. So, perhaps this should be added to the checklist?

It’s going into my feedback to SoA when I send in my notes – along with some kudos to the dealership’s service department who not just fixed it before I could finish signing the final paperwork, but logged it as well, which also generated the automated calls to (a) thank me for using them for service, and (b) ask if I was satisfied. So (the important part for everyone else), it’s been logged in the system at least once.

I’ve heard of similar things (stuff being jostled during rail transit – not specifically door mechanisms) on the Gen 4 Outbacks. I’ve put 222,000 miles on my 2010 Outback (as of this morning’s last drive with it), and a lot of that has been beach driving, crappy road driving (including over ruts that ate a sidewall on a tire creating a dimple and bulge), driving through quarries and trails and sand pits, light rock crawling and more… nothing has ever shaken loose during my adventures.

Crossing my fingers, but, with Subaru hearing from me literally at least once a month, believe me, if I run into anything, or if all of you do and post it in these forums or in the Subaru Ascent Facebook group I help run online, I will definitely be sending it in my monthly reports.

As it is, they’re already monitoring the general “problems” thread – which I pointed out to them last week.

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