Gen 3 – Strange problem with missfire cyl 6

So im now registered on international platform to see if anyone can help me what to do next.
The car is a 3.0 outback 2006.
2 different computers say ”missfire cyl 6”
I have changed the sparkplugs
I have changed the ignition coils
I have checked the compression and its good.
i have switched the fuel injector with cyl 4 and still missfire cyl 6.
i have 12v constant current on one cable and the other cable sends ”ground pulses” when starting and the cars running. Så that works.
So what do i do now?
Strange thing to add is that when i was driving home from changing everything and was holding like 80-90km/h the car started to run correctly and the warning lights shut off. But when i slowed down snd the rpm fell to around 2000 the car started to missfire again and the lights turned on again…
What the F***

anyone got any ideas? Ecu?? 🫣

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