Outback Wilderness shock installation gone wrong

Well, add me to the list of owners who got a bad OEM install on my 23 Wilderness at the dealer.

I kind of feel for the tech as they are more complicated installations but a bit annoyed they tried to let it slide and I didn’t say anything before I went to pick it up. I noticed it right away. You can tell they cut the hole too big on the left side and this is as low as they could get it while still having the bumper to install that left push pin.

The dealer is doing the right thing by replacing the bumper so well with them. The service advisor and manager were nice to deal with. I have to wait 2-3+ weeks for parts etc to come in and come back again, what kind of thing is bad. I’m a little nervous about having non-factory paint on the new bumper, but that’s better than crooked trim. That would bug the crap out of me. :)

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