Outback Wilderness Cross Bars – GREAT FIND

I am posting this here instead of on the cross bar discussion because that thread is 10 pages long and this will easily get lost in there.

I found the PERFECT solution for the crossbar challenge on these vehicles – and its CHEAP.

Buy these : Amazon.com

If have any basic mechanical inclination you can save yourself a lot of $ and end up with an amazing looking bar set that is FLUSH that does not create a ton of wind noise, look ugly and that will easily transport lighter items like paddle boards , etc.

You will need to shorten them by a couple of inches – easily done, the extrusions are aluminum. I used a shop saw but a hand saw would work fine. If you want to be a perfectionist like I am you will also need to drill 4 holes and install blind nuts – I had the tools and the nuts but this is probably not even mandatory. Use the Subaru factory tie downs and you will have a secure bar system that looks awesome.

The stuff sold by Yakima and Thule sticks out way too far, does not look all that great and it is heinously expensive. Sorry, but $500 for a cross bar set is ridiculous. I can afford it, I simply refuse to pay that much so I went looking and found these !

This system worked out perfectly and cost $100 !!


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