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Been there – done that. I have done three things since my hatch door accidently opened into my garage door hinge at 1100 miles:

1) Covered the hinge with foam rubber (I used a bit of swimming noodle split lengthways) held on by gaffer’s tape. It covers the hinge while not interfering with the opening/closing of the door.

2) Disabled auto rear door opening. (How come I could only open the rear hatch “hands free” while I was washing the car?)

3) Broke myself of the habit of keeping the fob in my pocket.

As for touchup paint, I bought “TouchUpDirect” off Amazon. It comes in color only or as a kit with primer, color coat and clear coat. You can get brush only, pen only, or combo units. They send you a color stable card to test the paint color to compare with the car’s finish and will remix the color coat free if you don’t think it matches.

As suggested by another Forum member, I have since purchased rubber key fob jackets (google TheJacketStore) and I am very happy with them (so far).

BTW Subaru of America – with all the sensors and cameras on the back of this car, why is the hatch allowed to open into an obstruction? If the car can have “Reverse Automatic Breaking”, why can’t it check the clearance before opening the hatch? Just asking…

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