This Is Weird, Welcome Screen Has Vanished!

My “Welcome” screen has apparently wandered off somewhere and gotten lost.

Yes, I know that you can switch it On and Off with a setting on the Combination Meter, it is definitely turned On. The manual says I won’t always see it every time I open the driver’s door, but it’s been gone at least 4 days at this point.

I’ll admit that this could be self inflicted because I’ve been fooling around at lot lately with all of the screens and settings on the Multi Function Display, while working on a script for a MFD overview video. Pretty sure what caused this is turning on the service reminder animation screen that you can see after starting up that shows it checking for oil change, filter change, tire rotation or some other service reminder. Welcome disappeared after I turned this screen on, it normally defaults to off and this is the first time I tried it.

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