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This was their response when I asked about the tongue weight of the Discover being 525 lbs.

“Thank you for reaching out! 525Lbs is the weight before loading. We design our toy haulers with a heavy tongue weight because once you load equipment you will end up with a lot of weight behind the axle and it will often lighten the overall tongue weight.”

Seems reasonable, but wouldn’t the idea of having too much weight in the back to lessen the tongue weight also be a hazard?

The Discover has a dry weight of 2460-2750. Say you add 750 lbs of cargo. Your looking at 3500 lbs max. Tongue weight should be 350 lbs for 10%. How would you lessen the tongue weight 175 lbs without putting too much weight in the back? I only ask because this model seems like the perfect camper/hailer for the Ascent, except the tongue weight.

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