Mods and DIY Organized List

Organized list of mods and DIYs

I know there is already a thread on mods on Gen 5 Outbacks. The thing is, it’s disorganized, it’s mostly pages upon pages of LED lights and Plasti-Dip. The most ‘unique’ designs get lost in the middle of it all. I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread where the first post gets updated as more mods are made, developed, created.

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of Mods original thread is here

Please check that thread regularly as more ideas come out every day.
LED and Plasti-Dip Bulb Conversions Lots of great info/examples in the original mods thread!


Plasti-Dip Examples
Kolby’s Badge Plasti-Dip
Plasti-Dip Grill on Carbide grey (photoshop)
Plasti-Dip Grill on Venetian red
Plasti-Dip Grill on Blue pencil (photoshop)
Plasti-Dip Grill on Ice silver (photoshop)
Plasti-Dip Grill on Black Bonus: photo with yellow fog
Plasti-Dip Grill on The White one

Lamin-X taillights Link to post

Lamin-X fog lights Link to post

H11 to H9 low beam upgrade Thread link by gkirk78

Install HID projector fog lights from Ominx

Forester Chrome top tube/cover Post link, Post link on Gen 4 3.6 Dual exhaust, Part website

Tires and wheels Philly

Rally Armor Flaps Link to parts

DRL Disable LegacyGT link

intersection Themes with pictures, various options explained, etc.


The bulb guide is also in the owner’s manual
Rear cargo lamp link
The complete set Connection (you should get two fuse type bulbs instead of T10 [<-someone confirm this] and the included cargo taillight is not large as above)
Lamp access video (for inheritance)

Phone mounts with dash and center console ProClip connection

Floor liner
Husky Weatherbeater Item # 99671 Front Drivers Measurement Image
WeatherTech Digital Fit & Front Driver Measurement Image
Comparison of TuxMax & Stock, OEM All Weather and TuxMat – Added on 2.2021

Rubber Bento Boxfits perfectly in the armrest compartment
Dark box
Light Box


Fumoto Oil FB25 drain valve, 3.6L, thread

K&N Remove the filter

If my part number research is correct the intake uses the same style of panel filter as the WRX and STi but not guaranteed


19mm/20mm Rear Sway Bar Wiring from pi314 to how, parts connections, etc.


Subaru Accessories Link to website

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Please submit your ideas or post links to the ones I missed, I know they are out there!

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