Lock Ascent with engine running?

Bags FOB…

Trying the above method tomorrow for myself in the car first

From the old Subaru the process was to have an extra FOB and bolt one to the car and carry one

These work:

I highly recommend AGAINST leaving the key in the car. In case someone goes in and digs through the stuff and finds it, it’s more than the contents of the car they would leave with.

But if someone were to make the ill-advised decision to lock a key fob into the car, the pouch prevents the vehicle from detecting it (in my limited testing), allowing someone to get away with just their phone or any alternative method to unlock car (like hidden physical key, which can be wet unlike FOB).

My phone is waterproof, my FOB is not, so it gives me more options when hiking through streams, waterfalls, etc, or when I’m at the beach. Not that I would make such a bad decision, but if I did, these are the options I’ve considered. Lock the FOB inside the car in the bag and use the key part to open the car or use my phone to open it.

Is this a “Do as I say, not as I do”? script? :smile_big: :tango_face_wink:

On a serious note though, I have no plans to do that. I thought of a better idea and I’m just looking for the right thing. Instead, I’ll take a suitable (or close to it) waterproof bag that can be attached to a belt loop or similar. Surfers and bodyboarders use little waterproof cases all the time for things like this… so, I intend to find one of the appropriate FOB sizes and use that instead.

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