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I read that procedure and it only requires you to push the trunk and lock at the same time to disable the keyless access to the doors, not the push button start. I’m still trying to wrap my head around these. Subaru service caught it and found nothing wrong with it.

^ And yes, I did.

I found that I can initially get “access key not detected” on the first star button if the key is not there*.
On the second push I get “access key disabled”. Perhaps a warning to a would be thief.

When you insert the key into the car it works normally.

*I’ve had situations where I wanted to leave a key in the car in the ignition and not disable proximity. A homemade faraday cage works.

Noodles around the switch
In altoid metal case
A Mylar bag (in which a charge card is sent)
More foil around. (I only found foil and Mylar wasn’t 100% effective, so I added the box and foil outer layer for good measure).
Hide the key, perhaps not in the glove box or central storage bins.

I will report back if this is not very reliable.

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