Gen 6 – Comparison: Skid Plates and Bumper/Lightbar … Primitive Racing Innovations / Rally vs Anderson Design and Fabrication – 2022 Outback Wilderness

I said I’d share comparisons and thoughts after switching from Primitive Racing (PR) skid plates and Rally Innovations (RI) light bar to Anderson Design and Fabrication (ADF) for both. Here they are. At least as close to comparison as I’ve been.

For those of you wondering why I changed, it started because of the 1″ gap I had between the skid plates and my frame from adding the Rally Innovations light bar. (See last photo.) I broke the light bar where it wraps under the car multiple times and it was starting to rust. I do a lot of off-roading and the rally light bar is more for looks than what I needed it for. The gaps collected so much mud, rocks and debris that I was constantly trying to fish I also wanted to get the skid plates for the gas tanks as I have skid marks on the factory plastic ones.

-The top or left pictures are the old rigs using the PR slides and the RI light bar.

-The bottom or right pictures are the new setups using the ADF slides and their bumper bar.

Thoughts on these articles:

  • The thickness and materials used for both skid plates are the same. (Can’t give full weight as I don’t have that information and haven’t weighed them.)
  • I was the second person to buy PR Skidplates for the desert and they didn’t have the front rim available at the time. I checked back a year later and they still didn’t offer it. (Now they do.)
    • They also didn’t offer the option to pre-set them for the RI light bar when I got them, so I had to get the specs and a drawing of where to cut and other changes for the slides when I bought the light bar. They now offer it as an option.
  • PR slides require you to remove the Cromen supports. If you get these, be sure to keep your retainers in case you ever remove the transmission skid plates. I am currently waiting to receive the replacements.
  • ADF slide plates are lower profile than PR slides.
  • ADF offers gas tank slide and PR does not.
  • ADF slides protect laterally for anything more than PR ones.
  • The AFD bumper strip gives more options for mounting lights and is stronger (4 holes at the top and bottom as well as two holes at the front for mounting license plates).
  • The RI light bar is very light and eliminates approach angles. It also increases the gap between the skid plate and the frame. This gives an opportunity for mud, stones and debris to get inside. I had to fish out a lot of rocks that were stuck there.

Price points for all these items as of today 05/02/2023

Part Primitive race Anderson Design and Fabrication Innovations Rally
Front engine skid plate $469.00 $349.00 N/A
Transmission skid plate $239.99 $299.00 N/A
Rear differential skid plate $129.00 $129.00 N/A
Gas tank skid plates Not provided $499.99 N/A
Rally Lightbar /
Bumber Lightbar
Made of 1.35 steel with reinforced 1/4″ steel mounting points.
Made of 1.50″ X 0.06″ mild steel tubing and bolts between skid plate and frame

View attachment 565035 View attachment 565037

**I’m missing my Cromen supporters in this photo. I’m currently waiting for them to arrive as the OEM ones I removed to install the PR skids were thrown out.

See attachment 565036

See attachment 565034

See attachment 565033

See attachment 565032

Parts required to be removed for PR skid plates. I had to buy replacements after I removed them since we didn’t store them when we removed them.
See attachment 565031

The mess I faced every time I went out with the old combination.

See attachment 565038

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