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‘08 3.0R L.L.Bean with ~158,000miles
A few things going on and wondering if they’re related at all.
1. Baby bird chirp behind center console (no birds present)
2. Running hot and close to overheating when driving uphill in the summer.
3. Intermittent clicking sound that appears to come from behind the driver’s dash.

What we’ve done:
1. Took her into our trusted shop for the overheating and bird chirping. They said the radiator had a leak and coolant was going onto the serpentine belt causing the chirp. Paid to have the radiator replaced, new belt, and new coolant.
2. Chirp persists and just tried driving uphill but had to pull over due to overheating.

Now I’m unsure if the clicking is related but Here is a video of the clicking and Here you can hear both clicking and chirping. I’ll repost this under engine overheating and chirping as well.

Clicking and chirping seemingly happen at any speed even stopped, AC on or off, flat uphill or downhill, can happen together or separately.


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