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I took delivery of a 2023 in early April.

I haven’t experienced any noticeable lag. Most infotainment systems take a few cues to start after you turn on the car, but mine is working by the time I shift from rear to max after pulling off the road. Occasionally I have to wait up to 30 seconds for the iPhone to connect.

I read a lot about a software update last spring that fixed many of these problems. I imagine my machine was updated before delivery.

Same here with my April 2023. Mine boots in about 10-15 seconds. Android Auto connects 10-20 seconds after that while I’m reversing out of the way. When I put it in reverse, I hit the start/stop off button and I’m set to go. Inputs from there on for HVAC or Android Auto etc are smooth.

I will say that my Google Pixel 5A and wireless Android Auto did not go well. It would connect via Bluetooth, but the AA would never sync. Switched to a Samsung Galaxy and been fine, connects automatically every time now.

I was actually looking at Outbacks in 2021, but the infotainment complaints scared me off. When I heard they upgraded the head unit (supposedly rumored to be a more powerful CPU, but I couldn’t confirm) and it was no longer a problem, I made the jump to my 23 OBW. I love it after a month, not a single issue.

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