If the power tailgate on your 23MY does not work consistently, bring it to the dealer

The dealer confirmed that I have the following issues with the power back port, but SOA asked them to wait until more user data is collected to determine appropriate solutions. So they sent me home to wait. If your power backport seems to be “hard”, please let them know so SOA can find a fix for everyone. My gateway has the following problems:

1. To open it using the key, if I release the button when I hear the beep, it won’t open. I have to hold it longer until the second long beep ends. This is NOT normal, the gate should open the moment you release the button immediately after the beep starts.

2. Sometimes the rear camera button won’t work as if it’s disabled – no beeps or blinks when pressed. Sometimes, instead of opening the door, pressing the button causes two short “inside” signals in the car or turning on the interior lights.

3. The Lock and Lock button generally works with a long delay – press and release and the gate can open after about half a second delay. Other times, nothing happens as if the button is disabled.

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