Rolling noise from back of seat, 2023 Outback Touring XT

Background Info: 2023 Touring XT, bought new 4 months ago, has 6000 miles on it, just had dealer service 6 days ago.

Experiencing a moderate hissing noise coming from what appeared to be the rear of the car. Point and frequency was not affected by car speed, I switched from automatic to manual and shifted the transmission down a few gears and then again, the noise was not affected. I was only a few blocks from home, so I continued home.

After parking the car I got out and opened the rear driver’s side door, now the sound seemed to be coming from the front of the car. It sounded like a fan hitting something inside the seat. I changed the fan speed of the ventilated seat, no effect on the noise. I put my hand on the back of the driver’s seat just below the headrest and could feel it vibrate. I hit it once or twice the noise changed the conference, but overall it didn’t affect.

Turning the ignition off, the spin speed slowed as you would expect if a fan had been turned off and then stopped. Restarting the car the noise did not return.

This is the second time this has happened, the wife experienced it a few days ago, but did not investigate it, and by turning the ignition off and on, the noise has stopped until today.

Has anyone else experienced something like this in their car?

I will call the dealer in the morning.

Thank you in advance

Steve K

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