Generation 6 – Outback Wilderness vs 4×4 Truck

I test drove all the vehicles you mentioned while shopping recently. I had a lemon 2022 Honda Ridgeline that I sold and wanted something just as comfortable. If you’ve never driven a Ridgeline, they are very smooth.

I was actually surprised at how well the Bronco and 4runner rode, but you can definitely tell they are bigger vehicles. The Jeep hasn’t been driven nearly as well.

In the end I loved how nimble and nimble the outdoor desert was. I’m backwoods or camping probably 5% of the year, so having one of those other 3 just felt like I was giving up a lot of daily and highway comfort. The OBW has plenty of power and rides very nicely on almost any terrain. The CVT takes some getting used to, but now that I’ve had it for a month I really like it. The entertaining information is also quite good. Some complain about the large screen, but again, now that I’ve used it some, I don’t mind at all. The safety suite can mostly be turned off so it’s not honking at you all the time, and the automated cruise control is excellent.

However, the Outback is not a serious off-road vehicle. It is intended for muddy/snowy terrains and broken roads. You’ll really beat it if you want to crawl with swings, etc. It can do the occasional rocky thing, but you’ll have to be careful compared to a body-on-frame truck.

IMO Overall, it’s just a good all-around package for people with active lifestyles. I could have chosen a handful of other vehicles, but I chose the OBW because I wanted to be comfortable, have room to haul stuff, I’m not seriously off-road, and it’s more fun to drive than a truck.

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