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I finally finished moving my backup camera. Many thanks to @Robert.Mauro for his advice.

Here is my reverse view before: Factory of motor vehicles Technology Gadget Auto parts

I didn’t want to drill holes in the bumper, so I decided to add the camera to the retractable eye cover: Vehicle parking light Vehicle tail and brake light Vehicle lighting Hood

I wanted the option to go back to the OEM camera, so I installed a three-way, On-Off-On switch: Car Tires Car Design Gray Vehicle Luxury Personal Car

Here’s how it looks now: Tool line font gas screen device

In case you are wondering where I ran the cam wire on the inside, the left rear cover, there is a 1 inch hole, it is a few inches behind the left sticker mount. Electrical installations Audio equipment Trunk gas cable

I also touched the camera feed from the camera dongle behind the license plate area.

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