Generation 6 – 2021 Water leakage from outside

Thanks everyone for the reply and sorry for the late update/response. Dealer kept it for 5 days running multiple checks (they say) without being able to replicate it. The check also included leaving it in the rain overnight, the rain was approximately 1/4 inch that night and no leaks. We also put it in the car wash and I washed it with pressure…

I took the car back, about two weeks later we had two nights of rain within days of each other, both were 2 inches plus with the second worst.

The car had water on the first day on the passenger side (the first issue was the driver’s side) and limited to water on the floor (photos included).
The second night was much worse and on the driver’s side, there was some water on the carpet, but the carpet was soaked…after we toweled it off, we got another 1 1/2 cups of water from the carpet. vac store

The service manager is totally confused, I spoke to GM and they promise the car will be fixed. The car goes back to the dealer on Monday and I have told them that I will not take the car back until the problem is fixed or I have a new car.


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