Gen 6 – Just Purchased 2024 Outback Wilderness (Denver)



Long story short… finally traded in my 2017 Subaru Forester w/ Michelin Cross Climate 2 Tires… I wasn’t really in the market or needing an new car, but, had wanted a wilderness since it was released… I’d check inventory every 3 months. Finally this week, 14 white OBW were on the lots in Denver and in less than 48 hours I managed a great deal. I am sure there will be better deals coming soon. But, eh…

Originally, I hated the wheels and wanted to swap them for LP1 w/ wildpeak trail or ATs. But, I don’t think I care anymore. Only concern is the stock tires probably suck compared to the crossclimate in the snow….

anyway, hit list for next week is:

-Thule vector M (just have to confirm my 185 powder skis fit)
– Thule wing cross bars
-PPF for hood
-hard wire dash cam and radar detectors

  • weather tech mats
  • all the Subaru rear Matt stuff.

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