Gen 6 – I want to lower my car…

Hello All! My first post here. I have only had my 2020 Outback for a few months now but I would really like to lower it for better handling, where and I don’t feel like the car is going to tip over and styling of course 😉.

Looking through the forums and Googling on my own has still left me a little lost on what will work…

I was thinking about just buying some OEM Legacy Springs but it seems like that might not fit, also I guess I don’t know exactly how much it will actually lower the car.

I know there are RS-R lowering springs available but I was hoping to lower it a little more that that without having to go to full coilovers for cost and ease of use.

Maybe I am just wrong and what I am trying to do just wont work but any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Also I have been reading through SilverOnyx’s thread about improving handling at stock height so I will be taking some of those suggestions as well.

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