Gen 6 – First impressions of the OTTOCAST PICASOU 2 – I think I am returning it


I am new to posting, but I am surprised at my level of disappointment with the OTTOCAST PICASOU 2 and want to make sure it is just a configuration issue or something like that.

What I was/am looking for:
– A way to run my phones apps from the built in tablet in what is as close to emulation mode as possible in full screen.

The OTTOCAST PICASOU 2 simply provides another set of interfaces that are going to always run behind my phones versions.

Apps (these are the apps that matter to me):

  • It does provide a much better Maps app.
  • It does provide the ability to run Spotify, but my issue with the built in Media player app is that it provides no access to being able to Like or Dislike a song, or interface with my playlists. This iteration does allow some access to my playlists, but no ability to add or remove, and most importantly to me, no access to Like or Dislike a song.
  • It has no ability to run Audible. Not just that but once the OTTOCAST PICASOU 2 starts up, you can’t just go back to your phone and expect it to be blue tooth connected to the media player.
  • It does run Teams, but I did not get very deep into its ability.
  • It does not run Outlook, and this is another app that I would look at my phone while I am driving for.

I am looking into other options with the OTTOCAST PICASOU 2. I know it can connect to a HDMI display, that might be an option.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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