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Have a 2023 Ascent and after getting the windshield replaced at the dealer I noticed a rattling sound behind the dash in front of the passenger seat, generally hearing it when I stopped and started. Then at times it sounded like it was in the passenger door. I thought maybe when replacing the windshield that they checked the cabin air filter (even though it’s only a few months of use) and did not secure the cover. So, I checked that, and all fine.

Exasperated, I checked the forum and found a 2019 thread about rattling – one poster suggested to check the sunglasses holder, because they had a similar problem and found that noise from that sounded like it was coming from inside the dash. I did that and found in the holder, along with my sunglasses, a very small loose metal socket. Guess maybe that was mistakenly left there during the windshield replacement Took it out and, what do you know, noise gone.

Thanks fellow Ascent owner (note – probably should have posted this in another forum – sorry, relatively new to the site)

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