Gen 6 – 2020 Apparent transmission failure

My 2020, bought new, Outback with 13,700 miles, 3 weeks out of general warranty, developed an unexpected problem 5 days ago. First felt right rear wheel skid, then violent vibration during acceleration, followed by dashboard lighting up like 4th of july. First all collision avoidance systems, vision, automatic rear brake disabled, followed very quickly by check engine, hot transmission fluid, red brake light. Vcd warning light. All within 1.5 miles drive. He reached home. Grinding noise when shifting gears. My local dealer would not return my calls. Couldn’t get an app set up for 10 days so car was towed to other local mechanic who diagnosed transmission failure. Then had it towed to the dealer since the car was under power warranty. Now the dealer says they don’t know what’s wrong with it, but they don’t think it’s the transmission, although the error codes from the local mechanic show all the transmission and the dealer we send information to Subaru tech support for guidance. I know they will come up with some BS to void the warranty. Anyone with similar problems?

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