Dissing Subaru – MA to repair right – Say goodbye to Starlink?

Scotty is just like every other podcaster out there (yes that’s a complete statement, but I defy anyone to name a podcaster that doesn’t fit the bill). They are dangerous because people listen to that authoritative voice of the podcast and whatever is said becomes gospel.

Scotty’s auto repair videos are often informative as long as you understand his bias. He loves Toyotas and Hondas a lot (except the turbo – he hates all GDI turbos); he hates all German cars, Korean cars, most cars from American manufacturers and any car made in Mexico. He doesn’t really like electric cars and hybrids. He thinks you’re “stupid” if you buy new.

A few weeks ago, he called me “stupid” in three different videos because I had bought a Lexus (New! – first “stupid”) (Overpriced! – second “stupid”) (Hybrid! – third “stupid”).

He goes off the rails when he gets angry about something “bad” a manufacturer has done.

IMO, Subaru did the only thing it could do in response to the Massachusetts RTR law. But if you listen to Scotty, Subaru is being “mean” and “weak”.

I stopped going to “independent mechanics” (Scotty’s heroes) 20 years ago. For two reasons. First, I have extremely reliable dealer service departments – one of which I have done business with for 30 years without a single problem). Second, with all the electronics in modern cars, I’m not sure I want an independent mechanic working on any of my cars.

Back in the day (when cars had carburetors and points and condensers, and the only electronic thing was the radio), I did a lot of my own mechanical work. But today, I’m not even thinking about trying to do anything more complicated than an oil change. Nor do I doubt that many independent mechanics are properly schooled in all the variations of electronics from manufacturer to manufacturer.


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